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Branch Manager: Michael Daniels

Calgary Advisor Directory

Arvind Azariah MBA

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6841

Brian Bergen

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Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6915 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

Bob Blais

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Senior Vice President, Portolio Management Direct: (403) 531-6804 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999
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Sophisticated, Customized Investment Leadership

Blais Wealth Advisors is dedicated and passionate about providing superior portfolio management services to affluent families, individuals, institutions, and foundations. We seek to maximize investment returns and manage risk and income through due diligence, intensive research and experience, providing hands-on attention and serving the unique needs of the client with truly customized portfolio management.

As an advisory group we strive to deliver the highest possible level of personalized investment management to our clients individual needs and wants. Constant communication is paramount, so we maintain regular contact with clients through daily, weekly or monthly conversations and emails depending on each individual client’s desires. From an administrative standpoint, we ensure that the client experience is of the highest standards, encompassing the strictest of confidentiality, and the highest of professionalism.

*Client acceptance based on referral from existing clientele only*

Sam Chu

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6899 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

Michael Daniels

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Branch Manager Direct: (403) 531-6910 Direct: 1 (800) 430-6999
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Over the past 30 years, Michael has acquired a diverse set of skills in the financial services industry. Starting in 1986, he has worked in the cage, trading, accounting, research, corporate finance and sales. Most recently, Michael worked as the Branch Manager for Wolverton in Calgary before joining Leede Jones Gable.

Michael graduated from UBC with a B.A. (Econ), which stoked his initial infatuation with the markets. Although his clientele are active in all aspects of North American equity markets, Michael maintains a focus on natural resource issuers. His clients appreciate the value he brings to their investment portfolio through extensive research, knowledge and experience.

Happily married to wife, Karen, he has 4 sons ranging in age from 6 – 22 years old. When not busy taking his children to various activities, Michael is an avid golfer and loves to travel.

Michael DeLong

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6856 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999
My Story

Michael has been providing personalized portfolio management services since 2002. Following his MBA from the U of Calgary in 1996, he facilitated operational excellence projects for several years across 3 divisions of a global oil and gas service company. After which, Michael joined a big 5 management consulting firm for several years.

Michael and his bride of 23 years have 1 teenage daughter. He pursues an active lifestyle which includes competitive hockey and continues to volunteer within the community.

Previous to attaining his MBA, Michael served as a Captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force, piloting Search and Rescue missions within western Canada. Then piloting Canadian and United Nations airlift missions into hot-spots around the world. He’s a graduate of the Royal Roads Military College, where he attained his Bachelor of Arts in International & Strategic Studies.

Michael has been decorated, receiving the Canadian Decoration for military service. He has attained the distinction of Canadian Investment Manager (CIM).

Business Focus
Providing personalized portfolio management services to individual clients who are busy with life, and don’t have the time or desire to properly focus on their investment portfolio. Prospective clients (from B.C., Prairies, and Ontario) step through a 3 part process with Michael to arrive at a portfolio plan: during this process clients receive an Investment Policy Statement, Portfolio Analysis, and Portfolio Plan document.

Jeffrey Engen

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Direct: (403) 531-6842 Cell: (403) 630-4529

George Gracio

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6830 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

Don Graveline

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 351-6818 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

William D.B. Koenig CFA, CPA

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Portfolio Manager Direct: (403) 531-6834 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999
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Mission Statement
In a world where most portfolio managers are offering the same types of services – i.e. meeting personalized financial goals, wealth/estate protection, and wealth diversification – my goal is to differentiate myself by also applying this service to your children, who often don’t get this level of expertise. I will try and help them understand the various aspects of the markets and the associated risks from an early point in time so they are better prepared as they go forward with their own lives.

I also focus on helping international clients gaining access to Canadian markets. Too often, many are lead to believe they are not able to continue to invest in Canada after they go abroad.

Investment Philosophy
My focus in on building customized portfolios tailored to your life profile.

Whether you’re looking for a cash investing account or would like the benefits of an RRSP, RRIF, RESP, or the new TFSA account, I’d love to help you reach your goals.

Bruce Kvellestad

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6813 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

John Kvellestad

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Assistant Branch Manager, Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6805 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

Rob Lagerquist

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6806 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

Russell Mitchell

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6826 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

Regan Petty

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6900 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

Mel Puchailo

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6807 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

Sheryl Purdy

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Vice President, Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6808 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999 Fax: (403) 531-6996
My Story

Mission Statement
To be my client’s ‘concierge’ of stocks, bonds and mutual funds and ETF’s. I offer SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE!

As a graduate from UWO with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and as the daughter of the founder of our firm, I bring over 20 years of experience and truly care about each of my clients.

Business Focus
I have so many different kinds of clients and offer choices for each of them to match their needs. Regardless of the size of my clients’ portfolio, I strive to offer them the ultimate in service and communication. That is what every client wishes for and deserves – it is my privilege to do so.

Investment Philosophy
My job is to offer the timing, opportunity and information with which to make a decision….my client’s job is to make the decision.

Jack Qi

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6822 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

David Robak

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6835 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

Judith Romanchuk

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Senior Vice President, Private Equity Assistant: (403) 531-6814 Desi Rippel

John Shillito

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6908 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

Dane Sinclair

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6855 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

Lowell Smith CFA

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Portfolio Manager Direct: (403) 531-6837 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

Chris Spiritt

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6891 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

Victor Taboika

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Executive Vice President & Director Direct: (403) 531-6850 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

Jack Walker

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Investment Advisor Direct: (403) 531-6821 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999

Wayne Workun

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Direct: (403) 531-6823 Toll-Free: 1 (800) 430-6999