Leede Financial Markets Announces Launch of Ascend Portfolios

Leede Financial Markets Announces Launch of Ascend Portfolios


Leede Financial Markets is pleased to announce the continued growth of our managed account solutions, with the launch of our “Ascend Portfolios”. This innovative solution allows us access to some of the best asset managers in the country to better serve our retail and institutional clients.

Bob Blais, head of Managed Accounts, would like to introduce Sentry Investments as one of our external managers. With over $18 billion in assets and as one of Canada’s fastest growing asset managers, Sentry will be an invaluable partner in the growth of our Ascend Portfolios.

Ascend will provide a variety of specific and focused mandates to our expanding advisor network. It will allow them to tailor highly sophisticated money management solutions, while maintaining the highest level of transparency and client relationships.

Please contact your Leede advisor for more details and information on the program.


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