Leede Jones Gable welcomes Paul Horachek to the Langford Office

Leede Jones Gable welcomes Paul Horachek to the Langford Office

Leede Jones Gable is pleased to welcome and introduce Paul Horachek, part of the Stephen Whpp Financial team, from our Langford/Victoria, BC office.

Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Paul earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Guelph and worked first in sales, marketing and management in the restaurant and food sector. He then spent nearly twenty years as a business broker in the commercial real estate world – where he held a Securities license as a limited market dealer, and got his first taste of the investment world.

After a move to the Victoria area in 2007, due to his wife taking a new job, Paul joined Edward Jones as an investment advisor and insurance broker. A couple of years into that position, he attended a seminar on responsible investing hosted by one of the ethical mutual fund companies. A big light bulb went on and Paul’s eyes popped wide open – his misgivings about many of the activities and tactics of large companies and mutual funds were in fact founded. There was indeed a way to successfully serve clients that was aligned with his personal values and his clients’ personal values. He had found his tribe in the responsible investing space.

However it is tough to offer responsible investments in a mainstream company. The necessary experience, research and support was just not there and it was getting a bit lonely. So in 2014, Paul moved to Wolverton Securities, where he got to know the Stephen Whipp Financial team. His knowledge and focus on Environmental. Social and Governance (ESG) analysis and responsible investing grew, and when Wolverton Securities sold itself in 2016, Paul joined the rest of the Stephen Whipp Financial team in moving to Leede Jones Gable Inc. He is now a full-fledged member of the team, offering 100% responsible investing, including access to the Integrity and ARC portfolios, and to unique impact investment opportunities for qualified investors. He also offers the full range of insurance services to address client needs through all stages of life.

Paul’s many years of practical business experience offer solid credentials to provide financial services to small business owners in particular. He has lived the reality of the challenges and rewards of ownership, providing valuable insight and relevance to planning investment strategies. He loves helping small business owners and other investors create a positive path to express their values and navigate to and through retirement.

Paul’s personal life reflects his commitment to progressive environmental and social values. A loyal supporter of local farmers and sustainable businesses, he also volunteers with the Green Party. In his free time he tends an organic garden and spends time in the great outdoors hiking, cycling, and paddling. Parents of two grown daughters, Paul and his wife of over 30 years love and appreciate the natural beauty and opportunities on Vancouver Island.

Paul can be reached at 250-405-3550. Welcome to Leede Jones Gable, Paul!