Leede Jones Gable Welcomes Stephen Whipp Financial as their New Langford Sub Branch

Leede Jones Gable Welcomes Stephen Whipp Financial as their New Langford Sub Branch

Leede Jones Gable would like to extend a warm welcome to Stephen Whipp, JP Lafleur, Jill Finerty and Nathan Whipp of our new Langford sub branch operating as Stephen Whipp Financial. They proudly specialize in Responsible Investing and asset management.

Stephen Whipp, CFP, RIAC Investment Advisor, Insurance Specialist

Steve is an activist and a passionate guy. He believes that individuals working together can change the world for the better. As a financial advisor with nearly 20 years in the investment business, he helps clients create positive impact with their investments while building and maintaining their wealth. His team at Leede Jones Gable Inc., on Victoria’s Westshore, specializes exclusively in responsible investing.

Complementing his professional work, Steve is passionate about sustainability and supporting local green businesses. His volunteer contributions include former president of the Westshore Chamber of Commerce and the Victoria Values-Based Business Network. He currently sits on the board of the national Responsible Investment Association, and guest-lectures in business programs at Royal Roads University.

Before coming to financial planning in 1997, Steve worked in journalism and non-profit management for over 20 years – exposing him to environmental, justice, community and aboriginal issues across Canada. Highlights included being one of the first western journalists allowed into China in the 1970’s; working on Parliament Hill; being an Aboriginal Band Manager in northern BC; and running public legal education programs in the NWT.

His wide professional experiences have taught Steve a lot about how the world works, how it needs to change and the power of activism and advocacy. He has gained powerful lessons in analyzing corporate behaviour and risks, and was naturally drawn to responsible investing. As a financial advisor, Steve’s experience, personal integrity and progressive values attract investors looking to give back to their local and global communities while growing their personal wealth.

JP Lafleur, PM, CIM, BA Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor

JP is originally from Shawville, Quebec, and moved to Victoria in 1997. JP’s professional background includes a term in the Royal Canadian Air Force where he, amongst other duties, was an Air Traffic Controller for one of Canada’s more challenging air spaces. JP joined the financial services industry in 2001, the day after getting out of the Air Force. His blue collar upbringing taught him that nothing came easy and that you must apply yourself in order to succeed. Starting from nothing, he achieved financial independence before the age of 35. He attributes this to both the work ethic he developed modelled after his parents and grandparents but also his never ending quest for personal growth and development.

His mission is now to help others by triggering an epidemic of true financial resilience, to help people maximize their time on this planet, while leaving the world a better place than he found it.

This led him to join Stephen Whipp Financial, Leede Jones Gable Inc. JP feels that taking what is most important in your life and leveraging one’s efforts with like-minded individuals will not only accelerate and magnify the impact of those efforts, but also create a vehicle to ‘do something’ about changing the status quo. He believes you’re either spending your time and money, or you’re investing it…there is no in-between.

Outside of the office JP can be found exploring the great outdoors with his wife and two daughters, either in the forests or on the ocean. He also volunteers a great deal of his time educating children on how to get on a path of financial resilience as early as possible, in context with their other values.

Jill Finerty Executive Assistant/Client Services Coordinator

Jill was born and raised Victoria. As the daughter of two entrepreneurs, she was introduced to the working world at a young age. Working with her parents’ businesses has harboured a drive for providing exceptional administrative support along with a dedicated work ethic. After working at a local credit union, Jill’s initial interest was sparked to follow in her father’s footsteps as a financial planner. After some time spent in the sports, real estate appraisal and hotel industries, Jill is excited to continue her career back in the industry she enjoys most. With a passion for the environment, client service, planning, and helping people, the decision to join Stephen Whipp Financial, Leede Jones Gable Inc. was an easy one.

Jill has captained a Run for the Cure team for the past 4 years and relishes the time she spends as an aunt.

Nathan Whipp
Marketing Assistant

Nathan brings a diverse set of skills and experience to SW Financial, Leede Jones Gable. After working in a variety of industries, he discovered his penchant for entrepreneurship through developing and managing a start-up company. He furthered his education with a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management. While in school Nathan focused on environmental and socially responsible business practices, a passion that is perfectly suited to the values of Stephen Whipp Financial, Leede Jones Gable Inc.

When he is not working, Nathan enjoys exploring the remote crevices of Vancouver Island with his family; he finds the outdoors helps him stay down-to-earth while still nourishing his sky-high ambitions.

Stephen, JP, Jill, and Nathan can all be reached at 250-405-3550. Welcome to Leede Jones Gable!