New Appointments in Calgary

New Appointments in Calgary

Jim Dale, CEO is pleased to announce the following head office appointments:

Adam Conrad

Adam has been promoted to Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer. Adam started with the firm in 2014 in a financial and regulatory reporting role before taking on the Controller duties in 2017. Adam assumed a pivotal role in the merger between Leede Financial and Jones Gable and has taken on successively more responsibility for the accounting and finance functions within the firm.

Jason Jardine

Jason Jardine is promoted to Controller. Jason joined our firm four years ago as Manager of Financial and Regulatory Reporting. Working with operations, accounting and compliance staff, Jason has been responsible for our client tax reporting and successfully completed many projects, beginning with the CRM2 reporting requirements and continuing with the implementation of PostEdge and Registered Disability Savings Plans, which are currently underway. Jason has also assisted with monitoring regulatory (IIROC, CSA, CRA) changes and developing our position papers and response. Jason will assume the responsibilities vacated by Adam.

Michael Daniels

Michael Daniels has been appointed Vice President and Branch Manager, responsible for the Calgary, Red Deer, Winnipeg and Brandon branches. Michael joined our firm in 2016 and has been a proprietary trader and assistant branch manager before taking on the Branch Manager’s responsibilities a year ago. Prior to joining our firm Mike was the branch manager for 17 years at other independent firms in both Calgary.